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ALEX ALICE SIEGFRIED Twilight of the Gods (T.3), Dargaud 2016 Illustration used in the frontispiece of the integral (Dargaud, 2016) and on the cover of the German edition (Splitter, 2020). Signed. Acrylic on paper 60 × 85 cm (23.62 × 33.46 in.) A beautiful composition from a series based on Scandinavian legend and inspired by Richard Wagner's tetralogy, which the author discovered through his father. Of the four parts of the opera, Alex Alice retains only one: that which puts in scene the hero Siegfried. Alex Alice will create three volumes. The structure of the drawing is close to the musician's score: a choral composition with a hero facing a threat greater than himself - symbolized by Wotan - which constitutes the major, powerful and recurring general theme; but secondary themes appear in the course of the quest which join together in the symphony. We recognize some of them here: the Nibelungen Mime, the Valkyrie Brünnhilde, the sword Nothung, the dragon Fafner, guardian of the Rhine gold A perfect synthesis of this masterpiece. In 2011, when I reach the end of my work on the triptych Siegfried - Valkyrie - Twilight of the Gods, I already have my cover for the third volume. But I am missing a great image, a composition that would summarize all the aspects of the series: from the initial drama where Mime takes Siegfried in, to the maturity of the hero, including the Valkyrie, Odin and the dragon. At the time, this illustration was done without any precise editorial goal: simply for the pleasure of bringing my characters together in a single image, the most evocative one possible. Later on, the composition was used as a frontispiece for the complete book, and even on the cover of the German edition. Alex Alice
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