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PATRICE PELLERIN THE SPRINGER The Tears of Tlaloc (T.6), Dupuis 2005 Original cover. Signed. Acrylic inks on paper 29.8 × 39.5 cm (11.73 × 15.55 in.) Yann de Kermeur carrying Agnès de Kermellec in his arms, fainting in the mangrove swamp of Guyana. Romantic, uncluttered, this image of great sweetness, of great beauty, is the cover of volume 6, The Tears of Tlaloc, the last of the first cycle. It is the symbol of this immense and thwarted love of the couple Yann and Agnes. One of my rare covers where L'Épervier is not alone, even if the two characters seem to form a single block. Here, what counts is the emotion and the atmosphere. In this vertical and almost static drawing, it is the gnarled roots of the mangroves that give the movement. I have always loved drawing twisted roots or tangled ropes. An unconscious influence of Arthur Rackham or Burne Hogarth, no doubt. P.P.
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