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PATRICE PELLERIN THE SPHERRY Original illustration made in 2022. Signed. Gouache and acrylic inks on paper 42 × 55.3 cm (16.54 × 21.77 in.) This image is a variant of the cover of volume 4 of L'Épervier. The hero is placed at the bow of his ship, a frigate, in a tight shot that brings together the character, the ship and the ocean. The precision of Patrice Pellerin's drawing is reminiscent of an almost anatomical description of the ship with its pulleys, ropes, sails, metal and wood. The use of very soft colors for the sky reinforces the romantic side of the big-hearted hero that appeals so much to the female readership. The observation of historical reconstructions like the Hermione made me progress on the accuracy of the details, to get closer to the reality of what the ships of the time must have been. P.P. A short time ago, I was listening to an interview with Paul Léautaud, it dated from the 50's, and well everything the writer confided to us was singular, timeless. His enthusiasms have not aged a bit, the requirement was gleaming, the love of the pen, incandescent and youthful, not the slightest concession to the small basenesses of fashion, only the pompous questions and the tone of the interviewing journalist betrayed the era. "And I thought he was going to talk to us about Patrice Pellerin" might surprise the reader. Pellerin is a brother of Léautaud's pen, the same sneering requirement of the fashions, the concern of the exact word in Léautaud, the one of the right line in Pellerin To serve his expression with a total requirement dressed with modesty. In 50 years one will say, I read a small text on the work of Patrice Pellerin, it did not take a wrinkle let us avoid the misunderstandings I speak about his work. Jean-Pierre Gibrat
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