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BATEM MARSUPILAMI Marsu Productions Family portrait with fawn, original illustration made in 2022. Signed. Watercolor and acrylic on paper 70 × 100 cm (27.56 × 39.37 in.) This is a recent work of exceptional size. A watercolor, for this posed portrait of a friendly family, looking at the artist who immortalizes them. Of course, Bobo the little black fighter has tied his tail into a mace and, of course, the cheerful Tignass is flying over the nest. Even the jaguar, never tired of taking bread, insisted on having his portrait taken! As for the Marsupilami's hand sign, it is worthy of the coolest selfies. A paradise? Not for everyone: "With its 100 cm height, this illustration broke my back!" corrects Batem. "The watercolor flows, so it was impossible to work vertically. I had to place the sheet on my table and draw curved. Here, the only presence of acrylic is the vine on the left with its two blue flowers, against the trunk of the tree. Of course, I put it on last. Luc Batem and I are ultimately very close, even though he lives in Belgium and I live in Brittany. What brings us together is André Franquin. We have both been fed by him all our childhood, he has filled our dreams with his imagination, formed our sensitivity by his tenderness and favored our graphic abilities by his immense talent. Luc and I had this unexpected chance, as adults, to be taken under his wing to initiate us to this magnificent profession that is comics. So, of course, I am so close to him that I like Luc a lot. I also like very much his takeover of the Marsupilami and it was not easy. Taking over the series of one of the greatest cartoonists in the world is not easy, I know something about that... You're doing great, Luc, good luck. Jean-Claude Fournier
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