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BATEM MARSUPILAMI Batem, a life in drawings, Dupuis 2021 Original cover of the dust jacket of the first edition. Signed. India ink and watercolor on paper 55 × 73.2 cm (21.65 × 28.82 in.) "In 2010, I did this drawing for fun. I often do this with illustrations. They offer space and freedom for inspiration. When I prepare a large image, I work in small. Here, the preparatory sketch fit on a small A4 and was limited to the major lines of the composition. At the next stage, an A3 with the value of a model, I laid out the details precisely. With the strong reduction of the format at the time of printing, the work takes in the end a little "clear line" aspect. The original remains much more powerful, we feel the fullness, the untiedness, the stroke of the pen. Here, I wanted to show a calm version of these boxes of my albums, where the hosts of the green hell devour each other. Nothing happens. The universe is silent as a dream. In the same way, in this forest of Guyana that I had the chance to visit, one can pass by life without seeing it. I had thought of treating the decor with a wash, but the spectator would not have been as well lost, in this world where hidden animals, coloquintes bursting into laughter, evoke the riddles of my childhood." If Hergé, Jacobs and Martin are the undisputed masters of the "Clear Line", just as Reiser and Vuillemin are the princes of the "Crade Line", there is only one virtuoso of the "Messy Line"! The only representative of this rigorous school, Luc Batem is, to my knowledge, the only draftsman in the world capable of finding, without getting lost, the right line to be inked in the labyrinthine mess of his pencil strokes, of not losing his mind in the maelstrom of characters and of not drowning in the charcoal tsunami of sketches of leaves and branches, which constitutes the pencilled in plate of the fabulous yellow monotreme spotted with black: the Marsupilami This one is my favorite: the color is almost superfluous It would have been almost much more amusing to let one's eyes wander in this teeming graphic universe, to wander in the middle of this mess, in search, not of Charlie, but of the tiny Marsupilamie Hats off, Luc! Yann
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