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ANDRÉ JUILLARD Le Cahier bleu, Casterman 1994 Original plate n°18, pre-published in (À Suivre) n°191 of December 1993. Signed. India ink and colored inks on paper 30 × 40 cm (11.81 × 15.75 in.) This is one of the key scenes of the Cahier bleu, that of a tense dialogue between Louise, a free and whole woman, and Armand, a devilish seducer, somewhat shaken in his macho attitude. One can admire the delicate play of a low angle shot that turns slightly around the characters until Armand's departure. His salmon-colored polo shirt vibrates in the presence of the Veronese green of Louise's pants, in a glaze of brown-gray. Juillard's mastery of color makes him the equal of Edgar P. Jacobs, the master of Tintin's colors. In this sequence, on the wall, there is a reproduction of a Mondrian, a figure of the De Stijl movement and of neoplasticism, whose rigor and science of color can only seduce the follower of the Clear Line that Juillard is. Especially since the anagram of the Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian, is "I Paint Modern...". One of my favorite plates of the Blue Notebook. The atmosphere, the distribution of black, the little figures that I found at the airport in Rio. I still have the figures, I should have kept the plate. André Juillard
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