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JEAN-PIERRE GIBRAT MATTÉO Fourth Epoch (T.4), Futuropolis 2017 Original cover. Signed. Acrylic inks and watercolor on paper 38.5 × 50 cm (15.16 × 19.69 in.) It took Jean-Pierre Gibrat four years to complete this fourth story of his masterpiece Mattéo, a saga of great aesthetic and narrative power, which embodies the aspirations of a generation emerging from the throes of the First World War and the October Revolution. The characters, carried away in their romantic ardor, find in the Spanish War, the last fires of an idealized socialism and anarchism, a new fulfillment, made of a brighter tomorrow. Today, we have all the necessary distance to appreciate the tragedy of this moment, but our heroes are living it and, for the moment, they are in doubt. In the heart of this finely chiseled backlight, their eyes lost in the void translate their feelings: that of a stale ideal that no longer has any illusions about the outcome of the war. All of Gibrat's art is there, in this palette of subtle colors and feelings, crossed by shivers, silence, candor. I almost didn't consider telling a story about women aviators between the wars, so in this cover, I didn't let the opportunity pass to dress Amélie as a pilot, unbridled helmet, nicely casual attitude, high altitude seduction. A small tribute to Amélie Earhart, no less. Jean-Pierre Gibrat
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