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ENKI BILAL Hunting party, Dargaud 1983 Original plate n°42, prepublished in Pilote mensuel n°99 in August 1982. Signed India ink and acrylic on paper 35.6 × 46.7 cm (14.02 × 18.39 in.) The argument of Hunting Party, namely the agony of the Soviet regime, has incredible resonances with today's political news. It is embodied here by the imminent death of Vasily Alexandrovich Tchevchenko, a figure of the regime of Ukrainian origin who had lived through the first hours of the October Revolution. He had become, at the price of the sacrifice of his ideals first and of many of his relatives later, one of its high dignitaries, and had patiently put his men in place in the key positions of the empire. They are all there, around him in this twilight tale, haunted by the murders of the past. The imminent disappearance of the plutocrat whets the appetite, announcing the sacrificial ritual of the takeover. Through the strength of his subjective images with their raw colors, where blood - making its way through a path that neither stone nor metal can stop - flows freely, Bilal confers an incredible dreamlike power to his plates, especially in this one. In this key sequence of one of the most outstanding works of the 9th Art in the 20th century, the author evokes past and present, nightmare and reality, in one go. Didier Pasamonik
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