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MILO MANARA Original illustration made in 2010. Signed. Watercolor on paper 29,6 x 42 cm (11,65 x 16,54 in.) Although he comes from a long line of artists who have constructed the erotic image, Manara is very clearly of his time. When René Giffey, in the 1950s, drew his naughty drawings, his production circulated almost under the radar. When Forest arrives with Barbarella, accompanied by Jodelle and Epoxy, it is the time of the sexual liberation, a liberation a little bit farcical, in the framework of Paulette signed Pichard and Wolinski. But with Pratt and Manara, eroticism turns into the sacredness of women. Even when, as is the case here with this pin-up in a flower-woman attitude, transgression is at work. Eroticism becomes political, an affirmation of freedom, as with Pasolini. Transgression of the sacred - we are far from the Madonna! Transgression of the moral order that has long weighed down Italy like a leaden blanket.
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