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ROGER JAZZ MAYNARD Complete Black Trio (T.1), Dargaud 2020 L'Attaque des Fils de Kaïn, original illustration. Signed. India ink and white gouache on paper 51 × 73 cm (20.08 × 28.74 in.) For this spectacular illustration, Roger recovers some of Jazz's "old friends," a sort of killer cult known as the "Sons of Kain," which appeared in the first volume of the series, Home Sweet Home. The thirteen members of the clan (yes, even though it doesn't seem like it, there are thirteen of them) appear in the background in an attitude of pursuing or initiating an attack, always in very different and well differentiated postures, jumping from the terrace of a building in El Raval. Jazz, for his part, is in the foreground, showing his anguish, jumping towards who knows where (we hope it is not towards the street or that the building is not too high). To accentuate the sense of movement, already given by the poses of the characters, Roger draws the lines of the clouds from top to bottom on one side, and the lines of the ground of the terrace from bottom to top on the other, which reinforces the dynamism of a painting in which the characters practically "step out" of the drawing. "A thousand times I've dreamed of this image, which you don't see in the Jazz Maynard books. The Sons of Kain represent those Asian action movies that Roger and I love, and they've become beloved and anticipated characters for readers of the series. " Raule
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