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ROGER JAZZ MAYNARD Complete Black Trio (T.1), Dargaud 2020 Two in the crowd, original illustration. Signed. India ink, black watercolour and white gouache on paper 57 × 43 cm (22.44 × 16.93 in.) A peaceful illustration that reflects a quiet moment in Jazz's life. To draw attention to the main characters, Roger gives them a focus of light, reinforcing the effect with a black watercolour treatment on the figures on both sides. The reading of the couple is also reinforced by the intense black of the silhouettes located at both ends. The technique of mixing ink with water gives Roger an extensive colour palette based on shades of grey. Despite its complexity, Roger has mastered it perfectly. It gives the feeling that, even when surrounded by people, Jazz and Lucia act as if they were alone. And the attitude of the secondary characters, though silent because it is an illustration, lets us hear the whispers of their conversations. "This simple yet masterful compositional illustration captures all the magic that Jazz and Lucia exude when they are together. But their lives are going in opposite directions, too different to still be the model couple they were ten years ago. Or not. " Raule
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