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ROGER JAZZ MAYNARD Live in Barcelona (T.7), Dargaud 2019 Original plate n° 28. Signed. India ink and white gouache on paper 43 × 57 cm (16.93 × 22.44 in.) I want to be a jazz musician! This original plate represents one of the most magical moments in Jazz Maynard's life. Having inherited his father's love of jazz, he visits the Jamboree, a venue still active in live jazz music, located in Barcelona's Plaça Reial. There, still young, after getting into one of his usual brawls that left his face bruised, he felt the music like never before. With his eyes wide open, he understands that these notes transmit emotion and freedom, that they are the essence of the beauty of the unpredictable, as Raule's texts emphasize. The general shot of the interior of the Jamboree stands out, located in the centre of the page to give it more importance, as well as the box of the musicians playing their instruments and the two close-ups of a Jazz Maynard who discovers, at this precise moment, that he wants to become a jazz musician.
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