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MARCEL GOTLIB ◊ GAI-LURON Gai-Luron tire une tronche pas possible (T.10), Audie 1982 L'Horoscope, gag in two original plates prepublished in Pif n° 24, August 4, 1969. India ink on paper Each: 36.5 × 43.1 cm (14.37 × 16.97 in.) The way in which Gai Luron addresses the reader, the spectator of his life, is akin to Goscinny's Dingodossiers, for which Gotlib was the cartoonist, if not the "spiritual son": it's literally a stand-up, a narrative journey that generally concludes with a "slapstick". In this remarkably well-drawn double, with a very un-ecological theme, Gai Luron takes the reader along for the ride, sharing his horoscope with him (we now know that Gai Luron is Virgo 1st decan...), letting him enjoy his gamberges right up to the punchline, which is the gag about the tree blocking his view. There's not even a moral to be drawn from this absurd gag: it's a real visual pleasure reduced to the character's performance. Pure Gotlib.
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