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OLIVIER LEDROIT ◊ REQUIEM CHEVALIER VAMPIRE Hellfire Club (T.6), Nickel Productions 2005 Original cover. Signed. India ink, and colored inks on paper 46 × 60 cm (18.11 × 23.62 in.) The association between Pat Mills and Olivier Ledroit gave birth to the Requiem series, which marked its time with its original storytelling and singular universe: a Nazi soldier killed on the Eastern Front, in love with a young Jewish girl also murdered, is reborn on Resurrection. After training, he is transformed into a vampire knight under the orders of the omniscient Dracula, who leads him to find Rebecca in the afterlife. In this portrait of Black Sabbat, head of the Necropolis secret police and president of the blood bank, reincarnation of Aleister Crowley, a multitude of signs - including this evil pentacle - show that Ledroit's talent is not only there to illustrate a point, but also to enrich it with meaningful details.
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