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PATRICE PELLERIN L'ÉPERVIER Sink the Medusa! (T.9), Quadrants 2015 Original plate no. 40 inks. Signed. India ink on paper 38.4 × 49 cm (15.12 × 19.29 in.) For the two ships, the Fleuron and the Méduse, I once again benefited from the meticulous plans of naval architect Jean Boudriot, and the splendid 1:48 scale models of model-maker Éric Lemaillet, enabling me to depict them with the utmost precision. As for the catacombs in the last two panels, I was inspired by those in the Saint-Martin collegiate church in Angers, where I'd just held an exhibition. I like to set up my "villains" in slightly sinister places, with low lighting and big shadows. It reinforces the drama of the scene. Patrice Pellerin
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