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PATRICE PELLERIN ◊ L'ÉPERVIER Dupuis Yann devant Berthaume, original illustration created for an ex-libris published by Éditions Mira in 1999. Signed. Gouache and acrylic inks on paper 22.5 × 31.5 cm (8.86 × 12.4 in.) As I recall, the idea behind this drawing was to depict the spectacular fortified rock of Berthaume, with its curious flying bridge linking it to the land. Originally a simple boat suspended from a cable, it was replaced in the mid-18th century by a kind of gondola operated by hand. As for Yann, in addition to his usual weaponry, here he wears a cavalry musket, attached to a shoulder strap, and has donned dragoon gaiters that enable him to ride as well as fight on foot. The whole thing must have been a bit cumbersome. Patrice Pellerin
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