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JEAN TABARY ◊ IZNOGOUD La tête de turc d'Iznogoud (T.11), Dargaud 1975 Original plate no. 1 from the story Le Chant qui fige, prepublished in Pilote Mensuel no. 17, October 1975. Signed. India ink on paper 34.5 × 46.1 cm (13.58 × 18.15 in.) Magnificent opening plate for an Iznogoud album still scripted by Goscinny, who died two years later. Here's what the great scriptwriter had to say about his character: "In Iznogoud, I'm having the time of my life. It's a version of the Thousand and One Nights seen through the eyes of a bunch of naive losers. Sesame only opens a can of sardines. And the camera catches the characters on film. This is how a prison guard disappears, whom the prisoners hated and insulted incessantly: "It's the warden's fault". This is where I let off steam. I have my best laughs at night. Sometimes I wake up, make up a story and laugh my head off. Tabary's characteristically "grimacing" drawing is in unison with the laughter.
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