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JOOST SWARTE ◊ Jopo de Pojo, complete story in four original plates published in Scratches Magazine #2 by Scratchbooks in 2018. Signed. India ink and color inks on paper Each: 28 × 42 cm (11.02 × 16.54 in.) Jopo de Pojo, "The Music Lover", is a character that runs through Swarte's work. He can be found in Métal Hurlant (and L'Art moderne) and Raw from the early 1980s, as well as in the magazine Scratches, created some 30 years later. He is the musical double of the artist, here warned by his landlord that his apartment is to be renovated for three months, forcing him to move his belongings into a container. With Swarte, everything is detail, and above all, the fun of detail. Each of his vignettes conceals secondary gags barely perceptible on first reading, and always marked by a gentle surrealism.
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