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MAURICE TILLIEUX ◊ GIL JOURDAN Les Moines rouges (T.7), Dupuis 1964 Original plate no. 16, with watercolor indications on verso, prepublished in Le Journal de Spirou n°1271, August 23, 1962. India ink on paper 30.7 × 42.2 cm (12.09 × 16.61 in.) What sets Tillieux apart from his fellow Journal de Spirou artists? His highly accomplished realism. Unlike stylists like Morris, Jijé or Will, or the caricatured synthesis of a Franquin who conceals his documentation, or even a more schematic Peyo, Tillieux's drawing is observed in both atmosphere and significant detail. There are several examples of this in this plate. Scenistically, by introducing a drizzle that catches our heroes' colds and forces them to go to bed early, we enter right into country life: in the farm settings: the positioning of the buildings, the zinc drinking trough, the detail of the barn door, the curbstone of the well in the foreground; in the gesture too, and the way Gil Jourdan puts on his sweater... Anyone familiar with these details will find themselves in perfect familiarity with the story. It's quite unique.
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