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MAURICE TILLIEUX ◊ GIL JOURDAN La Voiture immergée (T.3), Dupuis 1960 Original plate no. 13 with watercolor indications on verso, prepublished in Le Journal de Spirou n° 1073, November 6, 1958. India ink on paper 36.8 × 49.5 cm (14.49 × 19.49 in.) Maurice Tillieux's characteristically picturesque "observational caricature" is a kind of humorous, graphic counterpart to the observation system used by Simenon, Stanislas-André Steeman (author of L'Assassin habite au 21) and Charles Spaak (writer and director), his compatriots and contemporaries. It's expressed in this panel, peppered with the writer's trademark tasty words - "there's only one way to take a policeman: with tweezers! - But above all, his suburban ambiences - the documentation of the car is impeccable - illustrated by his bistro scene or his telephone booth, lend an eternal authenticity to his pages. An author not to be missed.
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