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JEAN-PIERRE GIBRAT ◊ Le Vol du corbeau (T.2), Dupuis 2005 Original plate no. 52. Signed. Acrylic inks and watercolor on paper 33.4 × 45 cm (13.15 × 17.72 in.) We're under occupation, and life goes on. Family life, love affairs, fraternal and friendly relationships, children's games too. In this sequence, the idea is to keep hope alive, even if times are hard. Not easy when you're being hunted down and your daily life is nothing but suffering. But youth is out there, simple and quiet. They're fighting too, but it's "just for laughs". Everything contributes to a sense of calm: the warmth of the stove, the Norman cupboard, the warm colors, the candor of the children and then, through the window, this snowy landscape, as beautiful as a Brueghel, from which the day springs, bringing the future. Nothing tells the story better than Gibrat's colors, the delicacy of his complexions, the shimmer of his vivid tones and the softness of his lights. This is one of only nine plates in the entire adventure in which the two sisters are reunited. A must-have. Didier Pasamonik Seeing Cécile and Jeanne again is a rare and precious pleasure. Occasionally, I'll have to thank the scriptwriter for the lovely gift of bringing them together on the same page, because they may not have thought of doing so. Jean-Pierre Gibrat
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