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JEAN-PIERRE GIBRAT ◊ Le Sursis (T.2), Dupuis 1999 Original plate no. 1. Signed. Acrylic inks and watercolor on paper 33.4 × 45 cm (13.15 × 17.72 in.) This plate is the first in the second album of Le Sursis, one of Jean-Pierre Gibrat's major opuses. It symbolizes the second part of the diptych, when the course of the war changes: the Allies have landed, and the occupying forces are beginning to lose on all fronts, to the point of taking control of the unoccupied zone. Meanwhile, the collaborators and their militia are on the rampage, while the maquisards are striking back. Julien has had to come out of hiding since his aunt had her accident, and get closer to Cécile. But everything is between dog and wolf: who's a partisan and who isn't? Gibrat tells the story from a human perspective, with all its ambiguities and frailties. This is well captured in the opening scene, bathed in early-morning light. Furtive glances left and right: it's all about not being spotted! The sets, costumes, cutting, facial features... everything is sublime. Didier Pasamonik To start an album with Cécile wrapped up in charm and a cozy, snow-covered Aveyron setting is to say it's Christmas... and even then, you don't always get snow at Christmas. I regret the lack of snow at Christmas, just as I regret having to part with this board. Jean-Pierre Gibrat
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