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THIERRY SÉGUR ◊ LEGENDS OF FORGOTTEN LANDS La Saison des cendres (T.1), Delcourt 1987 Original plate no. 35. Signed. India ink and inks on paper 37.8 × 46.9 cm (14.88 × 18.46 in.) Ségur's art is to create the perfect images for a beautiful and brutal fantasy world. This panel from La Saison des cendres, the first example of Dark Fantasy in French-Belgian comics, describes the beginnings of a Dantesque battle between our heroes and an army of murderous Morbelins. Fortunately, a magic potion stolen from an old white-bearded druid, accompanied by a clever little warrior and a large chest stocking, saves the day. And what a cliffhanger this end-of-page box written by Chevalier is! The direct colors, predominantly pinkish-beige, create an atmosphere of dryness and dust, perfectly conveying the violence of this strange world and the nervous tension preceding the battle. Georges Simonian
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