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GRZEGORZ ROSINSKI THORGAL City of the Lost God (T.12), Le Lombard 1987 Original plate no. 35, prepublished in Le Journal de Tintin no. 600, March 10, 1987. India ink on paper 36.2 × 50 cm (14.25 × 19.69 in.) A key sequence in the Thorgal series, in which the "child of the stars" discovers, thanks to the nameless Goddess, the almost divine nature of his origins. And how his generous, independent attitude deeply irritates the gods. Jean Van Hamme evokes the myth of Prometheus, eternally punished by the gods for having given fire to mankind. Rosinski, for his part, gives the nameless Goddess an impressive Marian presence. Existential, almost philosophical, this plate contrasts with the album's many action scenes. Its simplicity and the oracular character of the Goddess' long monologue are essential punctuation marks, and have helped give the Thorgal series the trappings of a mystical quest.
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