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MOEBIUS ◊ MAJOR FATAL Les Humanoïdes Associés 1979 Original plate #2 from the last episode of Garage hermétique by Jerry Cornélius, prepublished in Métal Hurlant no. 41, June 1979. Signed. India ink on paper 29.5 × 38.5 cm (11.61 × 15.16 in.) For those who discovered these pages in Métal Hurlant, the experience was unforgettable. Goimard diagnosed: "Major Fatal is a poem! The new generation saw it as an oracle: when Fremok invented the "poetry comic" at the turn of the 1990s, it was in memory of a memorable lecture given by art critic Pierre Sterckx in Brussels, before a packed amphitheater, in the presence of the author of Major. At the time, Sterckx spoke of a narrative "in the form of a fall" and a "suspension of time". A new field of the imaginary was opening up, taking the world by surprise, from New York to Tokyo. With Moebius, every detail has its strangeness: the engineer Barnier's coat in the middle of the desert, the gait of the baroque procession in the last strip, which has all the makings of a medieval marginalia. If Grubert feels he's lost in a labyrinth, what must the reader think? In order to make sense of it all, he scrutinizes every element on the page. And what meaning can they find, if not beauty?
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