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JEAN-MARC ROCHETTE LA DERNIÈRE REINE, Casterman 2022 Original cover accompanied by its color study in watercolor, Indian ink and pastel on paper. Signed. Indian ink and graphite on paper 29.5 × 38.4 cm (11.61 × 15.12 in.) Color study: 41.5 × 55.8 cm (16.33 × 21.96 in.) For the cover of La Dernière Reine, Rochette produced several drafts, following the same general composition: the bear in the foreground, silhouetted against a peak in the distance. Realistic ma non troppo, the final image shows the bear in majesty, in a half-light, silhouetted against Le Grand Veymont, the emblematic peak of the Vercors. The set includes the final black & white drawing and the direct color version. I wanted a simple, readable cover, not something "arty" or "salesy". I certainly didn't want a spectacular drawing of a bear with its fangs out, a la Rahan! The covers of my albums are more reminiscent of novels than comics, and I'm quite happy to accept that. I also wanted there to be a "mountain trilogy" effect with my two previous albums, Ailefroide and Le Loup. J.-M.R.
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