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6000 - 8000 EUR
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HERMANN ◊ BERNARD PRINCE Le Lombard Original cover of the Journal de Tintin Belge n° 16 of April 20, 1967. The work was affixed to a support by the artist, then completed with the words "Bernard Prince". Presence of adhesive adhesive residue, extensive yellowing and and several marked creases on the back of the plate. India ink on paper 33.4 × 48.9 cm (13.15 × 19.25 in.) This is a cover for the newspaper Tintin, which explains why the hero is not shown. Nevertheless, the drawing is sumptuous, with the junk unfurling into the wind and facing a sea of flames. The infamous Wang-Ho, a.k.a. "General Satan", who gives his title to Bernard Prince's first album, will appear several times in the hero's adventures. He's a kind of "Yellow Shadow" who fits the stereotype of the adventure story, where the "Chinaman" is shown in a cruel and deceitful light. Fortunately, Greg and Hermann are a little more subtle than that...
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