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HERMANN ◊ THE TOWERS OF BOIS-MAURY St. Germain (T.3), Glénat 1986 Original plate no. 17, prepublished in Vécu no. 15 May 1986. Signed. India ink on paper 36.5 × 47.5 cm (14.37 × 18.7 in.) Focusing each time on a character encountered by the knight on his journey back to his homeland, each album in the Les Tours de Bois-Maury series has its own autonomy. Here, in desert Spain at the time of the Crusades, with its arid, stylized settings, Hermann describes... where only the powerful triumph, mobilizing "God's Law" to their advantage and putting their fellow man to the sword. The pace is breathtaking, and the plot is tightly cut to match the action, as in the scene of the Magpie gang's escape, where the sacrifice of the good-natured Alda will enable her companions to escape. Each scene is dense, powerful, moving and heartfelt. Hermann is a must-have in Belgian comics.
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