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HERMANN ◊ JEREMIAH The Sect (T.6), Hachette 1982 Original plate no. 13. Signed. India ink on paper 36.4 × 47.3 cm (14.33 × 18.62 in.) Magnificent autumn hunting scene. This is a page of great graphic virtuosity. Firstly, in the drawing of the animal from different angles; secondly, in the fast-paced succession of field-and-counter-field shots. The interior monologue puts us in the hunter's shoes... right up to the fatal shot. Kurdy runs for his prey. Note the play of light saturation in which Hermann spares the colorist's contribution. And then there's the final punchline, where Kurdy encounters the intruder who tries to rob him of his prey. The interplay of lines and the multiplicity of strokes make this page truly symphonic. An almost pastoral symphony!
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