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4000 - 5000 EUR
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Result : 9 750EUR
STEVE CUZOR HENRY FLEMING'S BATTLE Dupuis 2024 Original plate no. 13. Signed. India ink and white gouache on paper 48 × 62 cm (18.9 × 24.41 in.) Henry thinks he's alone, sheltered in the dark undergrowth, a shadow among shadows. But the moon is shining, round and pale. It reflects in the water and illuminates the scene, making the young soldier an easy target. With this bullet fired from the other bank, Henry is close to death for the first time. His inner voice falls silent, giving way to a dull fright. How do you depict the sound of a gunshot and the impact of a bullet? In what order? Should the speed of sound be taken into account? I like to think about these kinds of issues, and the difficulties and solutions specific to comics. As always, rather than scientific accuracy, I choose to emphasize narrative: first the onomatopoeia, then the impact, in close-up. S.C.
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