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BAR2 JOE BAR TEAM Volume 1, Vents d'Ouest, 1990 Tout-droit dans un jardin anglais, original plate no. 24. Signed. India ink and white gouache on paper 37 × 42 cm (14.57 × 16.54 in.) At the bottom of page 62 of the exciting book Joe Bar Chronicles, long version (Chris Deb, Casa Éditions), it is stated that the term "all-right" means: "Run-off due to excessive speed (or judged as such by the pilot) at the approach to a bend." If this definition is correct, and after reading their adventures, we can declare without hesitation that the four members of the Joe Bar Team are the kings of "all-right"! And this board confirms it. "Yes, and it's a good thing we're only talking about comics because, as you can imagine, in real life, this kind of hazard is a lot less fun. But to come back to the plate presented here, I'm only now realizing that it would have been quite impossible to adapt it to film. For it's obvious that the sounds coming out of the kids' mouths could never have passed for real engine screams. And the gag wouldn't have worked. That's why we can't praise the magic of comics enough! It's also worth noting that, in the case of the intrepid and proud biker, the most important thing is not to preserve his abattis, but never to brake earlier than his rivals when approaching a bend. Which, if not wise, shows a certain courage. And a great deal of stupidity.
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