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MATHIEU LAUFFRAY LONG JOHN SILVER Lady Vivian Hastings (T.1), Dargaud 2007 Original plate no. 53. Signed. India ink on paper 42 × 55.4 cm (16.54 × 21.81 in.) In Long John Silver, Xavier Dorison's homage to Robert-Louis Stevenson, Mathieu Lauffray adopts a style that perfectly matches the writing of the great Scottish writer. A powerful, evocative line, a world of fully fleshed-out characters cut out for adventure. In this perfectly rendered plate, you can hear the rigging whistling as it pulls out of the harbor. In the commander's attitude, bravely facing the rigors of winter, we sense the pride of commanding such a powerful ship, and at the same time all the determination of a great sailor starting a new campaign on the seven seas. At the same time, in just a few frames, the plot begins to unfold... inviting the reader to read the rest of the adventure. Ah, page 53... the page of the great departure. Almost the end of the first album, but the start of our great adventure. That of our characters, of course, but also ours, Xavier's and mine. You know, in every story, there's the moment of calling, the moment of doubt, the moment of choice, and finally the moment when the die is cast. There's no turning back. For those who love to dream of an elsewhere, of another life, this is the moment we wait for and dread the most, because whatever happens, and even if we manage to return one day, we'll never be the same again. It's a time when everyone is asking questions, some staring voraciously into the distance, others casting a last regretful glance towards the coast. I was aware of this when I drew her, and these emotions are the very reason why I love adventure so much. Mathieu Lauffray
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