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CHRISTIAN ROSSI TIRÉSIAS La Révélation (T.2), Casterman 2001 Original cover. Acrylic inks and gouache on paper 42 × 57.3 cm (16.54 × 22.56 in.) In the archaic days of ancient Greece, the gods intervened in the destinies of mortals. Tiresias no longer looks like the young warrior he once was. Athena, the patron goddess of Thebes, has transformed him into a woman. He/she is now called Thya. A total transition, since he/she is pregnant... We see him/her supporting his/her rounded belly as the wall frieze evokes the departure of the citizen-soldiers protecting the city. They are bronze, and he/she turns his/her back on them. He/she is now forbidden to handle weapons. A white cat symbolizes the sweetness of home. Graffiti adds a touch of life. Christian Rossi
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