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GRZEGORZ ROSINSKI THORGAL Le Maître des montagnes (T.15), Le Lombard 1989 Original plate no. 36. India ink and blue pencil on paper 36.4 × 51 cm (14.33 × 20.08 in.) While crossing a mountain pass in the middle of a snowstorm, Thorgal is hit by an avalanche caused by the powerful sound of a horn, forcing him to take refuge in a sheepfold. This is the start of an exciting adventure in which the Son of the Stars meets the cruel Saxegaard, the "Master of the Mountains", and his horrible henchmen. Thanks to a magic ring, this story also allows him to travel back and forth between past and future, in one of the saga's best plots. This plate is emblematic of Rosinski's art, with its perfectly typified characters, sketched with his virtuoso pencil, described in a series of close-ups before, in this jumble of features, the hero flees to the only immaculate area on the page: the snowstorm. Rosinski, always impressive.
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