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GRZEGORZ ROSINSKI THORGAL La Cage (T.23), Le Lombard 1997 Original plate no. 8, prepublished in Bo Doi no. 1, September 1997. The phylacteries are impressions on the support. India ink on paper 36.5 × 51 cm (14.37 × 20.08 in.) This work is being sold as part of the charity sale in support of the Ukrainian people. All profits will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). No commission will be charged on this lot. We've reached the end of the Shaïgan-sans-merci cycle, a kind of conclusion to a six-album journey! Thorgal has recovered his memory, found his family and a happy ending is in sight for the Aergirsson family. Happy ending? No: it's not so easy to escape the mysteries of the past, especially when you come from the future... As Thorgal's skiff pulls away from the coast, a sail looms on the horizon. Friend or foe? Rosinski's art lies in his ability to transform this sluggish transition sequence into an exciting rebound. Through a succession of wide shots and close-ups, each with a different angle, the author builds a horizon line that swirls with the waves, simulating the pitching of the small boat. Little by little, the two ships come closer together. Great art!
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