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TED BENOIT BLAKE AND MORTIMER The Francis Blake Affair (T.13), Blake Et Mortimer 2017 Original cover for the bibliophile edition. India ink and blue pencil on paper 32.4 × 44.3 cm (12.76 × 17.44 in.) This cover by Ted Benoit was made for the deluxe edition of a historic album: the one in which Jean Van Hamme successfully took over the Blake and Mortimer series from Edgar P. Jacobs, who had died a decade earlier, in 1996. The creator of Ray Banana succeeds in the tour de force of reworking Jacobs' drawings with elegance and respect. Here we find Captain Francis Blake in Scotland, where he must find Philip Mortimer. The strength of the drawing is concentrated on the cromlech - a meeting place perched on the horizon - while menacing silhouettes loom over the winding road.
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