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GREG ACHILLE TALON Il n'y a (Dieu merci) qu'un seul Achille Talon (T.31),Dargaud 1982 Original double plate, two-page gag Belle envolée, prepublished in Le Journal de Pilote n° 428, January 4, 1968. India ink on paper. Each: 33.3 × 39.4 cm (13.11 × 15.51 in.) Beautiful double plate by Greg, whose style, forged thanks to the good advice of Franquin, whom he met as a teenager, led to highly effective inking, inspiring many authors, such as Dany, Dupa, Turk and Bob De Groot, Tome & Janry... But it's above all as a prodigious scriptwriter working for Cuvelier, Hermann, Vance, Tibet and Eddy Paape, among others, that Greg still shines in the firmament of Franco-Belgian comics. His loquaciousness, his lyricism, his sense of formula - in short, his wit - are fully expressed in these pages of the talkative and ventripotent Achilles "cerveau-choc"!
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