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9000 - 10000 EUR
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JUANJO GUARNIDO BLACKSAD, Dargaud Original illustration created for an ex-libris in aid of the Telethon in 2004. Signed. Watercolor on paper 37.2 × 27.2 cm (14.65 × 10.71 in.) Oldsmill, the white tiger, is the undisputed master of the city. He holds it in his sharp claws thanks to a corrupt police chief, the polar bear Karup, and his henchman, the white fox Huk. White, white and white. Faced with a detective with a face as dark as Blacksad's, these white supremacists have the upper hand, because when push comes to shove, they have a dedicated militia called Artic-Nation ready to pull out all the stops... But as they may have forgotten, this is a noir novel, and our feline Sam Spade is Blacksad, and he's able to lash out precisely where it hurts. This isn't a game that ends in a set and match, but a fight that ends, like Monopoly, in prison. Blacksad, dressed like a fashion plate, gives the arrogant beast a suspicious look. He loses nothing by waiting...
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