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WILLY LAMBIL LES TUNIQUES BLEUES Bronco Benny (T.16), Dupuis 1980 Original cover. The series title, album title and authors' names are reproductions affixed to the original. Signed. India ink on paper 27.1 × 35.2 cm (10.67 × 13.86 in.) Accustomed to realistic drawing in the tradition of Jijé, Willy Lambil had to adapt his style to a narrative far removed from his register when he took over Les Tuniques Bleues in 1974. Far from being thrown by the exercise, he adopted a soaring, dynamic style, drawing "by instinct" horse scenes with striking movement, as shown on this cover. And he's going to have to draw a lot of them in this story where our tunics have to replace the horses that have become scarce due to the repeated charges led by Captain Ambrose Stark. Horses... but also experienced instructors like Bronco Benny, a skilled trainer capable of taming an entire herd of wild horses.
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