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WILL ISABELLE La Lune gibbeuse (T.8), Dupuis 1991 Original plate no. 25, prepublished in Le Journal de Spirou no. 2761, March 13, 1991. The character in panel no. 3 has been redone by the artist and affixed to the original. Signed. India ink on paper 35.7 × 46.5 cm (14.06 × 18.31 in.) The gibbous moon is that phase of the moon when it passes from first quarter (or crescent) to full moon, when it is in full light and we can distinguish its reliefs. It's not surprising that this rare word should appear in the title of one of Isabelle's adventures, since her scriptwriter Yvan Delporte, a former typographer, is a fan of curious words. This is the subject of the eighth story in the heroine's fantastic adventures: that day, and only that day, a magical alley opens up to you and introduces you to lamies and vampires, werewolves and gorgons, witches and mermaids... They're normally harmless, though... This bric-a-brac of horrific myths turned to mockery is certainly due to Delporte, a brilliant wordsmith, but also to Franquin, co-writer on the series since Macherot's death, and a specialist in monsters of all kinds. We can well imagine the laughter between Franquin, Delporte and Will during their work sessions at La Hulpe, over the famous leg of lamb prepared by Willy's wife Claude.
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