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MAURICE TILLIEUX GIL JOURDAN Les Moines rouges (T.7), Dupuis 1964 Original plate no. 8, with watercolor indications on the back, prepublished in Le Journal de Spirou no. 1267, July 26, 1962. India ink and blue pencil on paper 30.7 × 41.9 cm (12.09 × 16.5 in.) What makes Tillieux one of the most important authors of the golden age of Franco-Belgian comics? Three things. Initially inspired by the drawings of Hergé, his graphic style evolved when he returned to Spirou, to blend with those of Franquin and Peyo. But that's not all: he's a perfect synthesis of the Brussels and Charleroi schools, between accuracy and documentary precision, but with a style that isn't fascinated by design, as Franquin's or Will's were. The second reason is his literary culture, which stems from the popular serial novel, American noir writers like Dashiell Hammett, and fantasy writers like Belgian Jean Ray. The final reason is his sense of humor and punchlines, which make his characters unique and instantly recognizable. This panel is a perfect example.
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