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ANDRÉ JUILLARD PLUME AUX VENTS L'Oiseau Tonnerre (T.2), Dargaud 1996 Original plate no. 4. Signed. India ink and colored inks on paper 31.9 × 44.8 cm (12.56 × 17.64 in.) A beautiful sequence from the second season of Les Sept Vies de l'Épervier, featuring Baroness Ariane de Troïl, who has come to the New World to be reunited with her father - which leads to many adventures. Here, she comes face to face with the shamanic magic of the spirit of the old Indian woman who has just died before our very eyes, and who takes possession of her to exact her revenge. It's a fantastic moment of pure action, and Juillard pulls it off brilliantly, in a clear-line execution enhanced by an elegant cameo of browns, from which Ariane's silhouette emerges, powerful and determined, murderous blade in fist, black and implacable like the angel of death. Nicknamed "Wind Quill" by the Indians because her mind wanders, Ariane reveals all her violence and physical strength on this page. Her black dress contrasts with the ochre ambiance that dominates the first pages of L'Oiseau-Tonnerre. It was an interesting gamble to maintain good visibility despite the two-tone color scheme. André Juillard
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