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4000 - 6000 EUR
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Result : 6 500EUR
GABRIELLE VINCENT ERNEST AND CELESTINE Ernest and Célestine go picnicking, Éditions Duculot 1982 Gourmet preparations, original illustration. Watercolor on paper 21.6 × 15.1 cm (8.5 × 5.94 in.) Another big project, and a great time ahead. Ernest and Célestine are preparing a picnic for the next day; the order is only apparent, with baskets neatly lined up; but the bag already filled is a mess, everything is as usual, and the survival of Ernest's glasses lying on the floor is in doubt. Optimism is the order of the day, in any case, for this Brussels picnic; the sun will be out, that's for sure, and we've both packed sunglasses and hats. With just a few strokes, everything comes to life, and we get the impression that we're in the picture too, and that even the objects have a soul. The chair, the baskets, the hat, the stool don't really look static, yet they're all in the same color range, but all in nuance, and it's the line that brings them to life.
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