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ALBERT UDERZO* ASTERIX The Son of Asterix (T.27), Albert René 1983 Original plate n° 1. Signed and dedicated. India ink on paper 43,8 x 52,5 cm (17,24 x 20,67 in.) *This lot is in temporary importation This is a key moment in the history of Asterix. The album was released in October 1983, with a print run of 2,055,000 copies, a record! The Son of Asterix could not go unnoticed. Even less so with such a title. Asterix would have a son? An incongruous and inconceivable idea! Can you imagine Tintin, Blake and Mortimer, Spirou or Lucky Luke as fathers? Fatherhood is antithetical to the status of the classic comic book hero. Especially in a world - Uderzo alludes to it with irony and finesse when discovering for the first time the married life of these two hardened bachelors - in a world where there are almost no women! Fans of the Gallic warrior were reassured, however, when they read the album: things were back to normal and Asterix could set off on his adventures without a care in the world... What is certain is that afterwards, the entire comic strip started to doll up: a real Baby-Boom! The Muppet Babies and Baby Smurf arrived the following year in 1984, then the Disney Babies drawn by the French artist Claude Marin in 1985. We can admire Albert Uderzo's scenaristic efficiency in this first page: in a few squares, with Obelix's premonitory dream, he sets up his story, one of the most emotional of the Gaul. And we see the heroes get up thanks to Chanteclerc, the lazy rooster. You have to see the life he breathes into these everyday gestures, with angles of view that are simply virtuoso! The line is as usual of a serene perfection. His toddler is to crunch. We are in front of a real museum piece.
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