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PAOLO SERPIERI DRUUNA Creatura (T.3), Comic Art, 1990 Original cover of the Italian edition. The characters and the foreground were made on printed first stages, enhanced with Indian ink, colored inks and gouache, then affixed to the original. Signed. India ink, colored inks, and gouache on paper 36 × 42 cm (14.17 × 16.54 in.) Serpieri's drawing is halfway between that of Milo Manara, with whom he competes in erotic art, and that of Moebius, from whom he borrows the technique of strokes and crosshairs that effectively ensure the modeling, which is very practical when it comes to putting science fiction stories into images. In Serpieri's work, Druuna is often naked, like Paul Cuvelier's Epoxy before her. If we believe Diderot, indecency is not to be found in nudity: "It is the difference between a woman who is seen and a woman who shows herself." As in this composition, an eye that can be seen as that of God pursuing Cain faces the concupiscent eye of the reader-viewer.
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