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CROMWELL ANITA BOMBA Angel dust (T.5), Albin Michel 2006 Original illustration made for the back cover of the album. Signed. Acrylic on paper 45.5 × 61 cm (17.91 × 24.02 in.) Anita Bomba, as her name suggests, is a bombshell but a bombshell maker! She debuts in the 1990s with her Steampunk universe, on a dynamic and rhythmic scenario by Eric Gratien, accompanied by a crazy droid, a kind of C3PO whose motherboard would have been designed by a punk engineer on acid. What is most striking is Didier Cromwell's drawing, which is part of a certain tradition of Fantasy that goes from Régis Loisel to Didier Tarquin, but deploys a fiery spirit of his own, where humor and sexiness innervate a range of colors, as here, hot as the embers.
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