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ERIC HERENGUEL THE KONG CREW Caurette Editions 2019 Original illustration published in triptych in the Artist's Edition deluxe edition. Signed. Japanese Kamei ink on paper 47 × 98 cm (18.5 × 38.58 in.) The exceptional CinemaScope format of this illustration required a special insert in the book to unfold it. The subject features the Amazon queen Damara and the fighter pilot Virgil battling a Utah raptor. The bridge formed by the tree trunk is reminiscent of the 1933 cult film King Kong directed by Merian Cooper. The background scene shows Manhattan Jungle, an abandoned city. On the right is the face of Kong watching the viewer who would dare to enter the area. The Kong Crew logo was created with a pen in the tradition of American comics of the golden age. Eric Henrenguel
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