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JEAN-CLAUDE MÉZIÈRES VALÉRIAN L'Ouvretemps (T.21), Dargaud 2010 Original plate n° 35. India ink on paper 41.8 × 54.4 cm (16.46 × 21.42 in.) Even God, on the seventh day, completed his creation. It was therefore only right that the Valerian series should come to an end. L'Ouvretemps is the last of the Valerian and Laureline of the Christin/Mézières era. In 54 pages, it completes a journey that occupied the whole universe and a good part of space-time. Our heroes come back to Earth in a choral where all the creations of the series meet in a kind of farewell. How will our heroes find their world? They don't know. And which world, moreover, so many alternatives are possible? Because of the relativity of space and time, but also because, as it is specified in this page, there are as many stories as there are storytellers. And on this tale, Mézières always proves to be impressive, he who masters the inking with the brush like nobody else.
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