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MATHIEU LAUFFRAY PROPHET Ante Genesem (T.1), Les Humanoïdes Associés 2000 Original cover. Signed. Acrylic and gesso on paper 50 × 65 cm (19.69 × 25.59 in.) Mathieu Lauffray is undoubtedly one of the most powerful comic book artists of his generation. His Prophet series is the perfect illustration of this. This universe, conceived in collaboration with Xavier Dorison, marks the ambition to make on paper a production of almost Hollywood dimensions: in this fantastic tale tinged with mysticism, humanity is once again dependent on a single man who is not lacking in qualities, but who is above all noted for his faults. This cover, which appeals to the reader by its mysterious and grandiose aspect, perfectly synthesizes the impression of chaos that emanates from this story. It reveals all the evocative power of the artist, who will soon be featured in Long John Silver. Prophet was a strong adventure for me. A territory of research and a moment of exaltation. Genre comics were in good shape, it was the moment to let go of the horses, to dare things and to throw oneself into unknown lands. Venturing into the white zone takes courage. So yes, this cover is an allegory. Stanton is lost in a vast and mysterious world, one that is both rich with promise and unsettling. No doubt Xavier and I were in the same frame of mind. Mathieu Lauffray
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