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TIBET RIC HOCHET Traquenard au Havre (T.1), Le Lombard 1963 Original plate n°26 of the story Signed chameleon prepublished in the newspaper Tintin Belge n° 18 of May 2, 1961. Signed. India ink on paper 28.8 × 37 cm (11.34 × 14.57 in.) Signed Chameleon (1961) is in fact the first regular story of the Ric Hochet series drawn for the Journal Tintin and scripted by the novelist André-PaulDuchateau. It contains about thirty plates because this story was intended for the brand new Vedette collection of the Lombard, a cheap paperback collection intended for supermarkets. Given the success of the character in the referendum of the weekly magazine for 7 to 77 year olds, the publisher decided to add the second story: Traquenard au Havre and to publish the story in a hardback format in a dedicated collection. This episode was the subject in 1968 of a TV movie directed by Patrick Ledoux. Daniel Vigo played Ric Hochet, Jacques Lippe the Commissioner Bourdon, while Tibet and Duchâteau, like Alfred Hitchcock and later Stan Lee, appeared in cameo. Ric Hochet's physique, still a bit adolescent in this plate, changed to look more like the one who embodied him on screen. Spoiler: the Inspector Manière seen here is a mole, he is in fact the Chameleon. And it's precisely the speedometer of his car, square 10, in close-up that will betray him. This is the key plate of the album.
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